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Baby, I'm Bad News

five years ago and three thousand miles away.

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Birthdate:Apr 21
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
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krys, unembellished. selective access.

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a river called freedom, alone in my principles, aqualung, baby harp seals, beachcon, bear hat, being a big nerd, being a fucking fattie, being loud, billy fucking joel, bitches be crazy, blah blah fucking suitcase, blast hardcheese, blonde hair, breaking free, brolitas, bruce springsteen's cock slide, buff drinklots, butterfly boucher, cabincon, cake hoisting, celesasaurus, chainsaws, comic book tattoo, conjure one, cowboy bebop, craig ferguson my love, dance dance inauguration, daria, dave matthews band, dissections, dogs, don henley, dragon slayer, drop dead gorgeous, embarrassing cat photos, enchanted, enjoy the poop, escaflowne, ewan mcgregor riding motorcycles, firefly, flcl, fonduecon, freaky thunderstorms, fresh crumb cake, frosted almond bubble tea, gayhomofags, girafficus nooooooo, giselle's adorably stupid brain, group x, gundam 08th ms team, hey ash whatcha playin, high school anatomy class, homemade oyakodon, hurf durf, inappropriate benny hill theme, italian food every night, its raining sideways, jurassic park, lesbian herpes, like a leper, lockeraptor, love, mamegoma, marathons of mst3k, midnight movie runs, mint chocolate everything, mouths touching forever, multicrab, my adorable cat matilda, my future husband sting, my purple vw beetle, my so called life, nannerpuss, new england clam chowder, new jersey, new york city, nickelodeon before it sucked, nobuo uematsu, not pumping my gas, not taking anything seriously, octocat's parents, old anime nobody remembers, oldzilla, owl city, panda chimp productions, peter gabriel, playing gamecube without pants, poached go to hell, poe, ponies and peppermints, potangles, rahxephon, raptor rape, raw cookie dough, really bad 80s music, rex manning day, riding rollercoasters all day, rilo kiley, rosalina's huge ass, running along the beach, ryoko, sakamoto maaya, sewing stupid shit, sex, shadow hearts, shrimp on a treadmill, shula's got a steakhouse, simon und garfunkel, sleeping past the alarm, space cases, stardust, steve conte, sucking at karaoke, super bingo, swimming, taking embarrassing videos, tenchi muyo, terradactyl, that's a good potato, the entire smith family, the hands of fate, the knife, the neverending storyyyyyyy, the occasional video game, the perfect zombie plan, the pokemon kid, the seatbelts, the tuff guy, the v face, this is hell right, this is your room, those darn hobgoblins, tina's awesome art, tiny crab, tori amos being crazy, vagina dentata, vienna teng, wat is going on, who is saying ham, yoko kanno, you're too late, your mom's combat boots, zac efron's awful dancing, ,

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